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Dare to Care

Dr. Nisha Chellam, MD

ABIHM Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine

I am an Internist who trained and graduated from Internal Medicine residency at Wayne State in 1996 and then practiced a whole decade at the VA I developed a great interest in collaborative medicine. My real growth as a physician who held a job, to becoming one "who dares to care" and starting my practice came from just learning to listen to my patients. The greatest joy in practicing medicine is having the patient be an integral part of his or her own care. Each patient is unique and everyone of them teaches me something which I do not gather from my text books. Seeing patients like assembly line practice was not my style and therefore I started Medfix PC. Medfix PC is a Micro practice in Novi which was established in 2009 with easy access to patients and provides extended hours for convenience. I am also an ABIHM Diplomate who was Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine in Feb 2014.

I offer a range of standard medical examinations and services, as listed on this website. If you would like to make an appointment, you can do it online at my online appointment link.

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Patient Information

The pre-appointment questionnaire has to be completed prior to each visit. It allows you to tell me your medical history in your own words.I encourage you to complete this at home, at your convenience, prior to your appointment. If for some reason, you are unable to do so, you may come in early and we will assist you in the process.

Pre-Appointment Patient Questionnaire

What to Bring

  • Driver's License
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Current Medications - Dose and directions




MedFixPC Blog Posts

Read about my experiences, my practice, and get helpful tips in my blog area.

Emergency Information

For all emergencies please call 911. I recomend Providence Park Hospital's ER if I am not available.

Annual Survey

At the end of each annual visit, please follow the questionnaire as it will help us better cater to your needs.

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