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Hospital Coverage

At this time, I do admit my own patients and follow them in the hospital. I admit only to Providence Park Hospital in Novi and Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield.. In the event I am away or unable to follow my patients at the hospital, then I will have the hospital service follow my patients, but will keep in communication with them. Such situations will hopefully be rare.

Health Coaching and Wellness Program

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Have you ever thought your weight gain issues may be due to hormonal imbalance? If you experience fatigue and difficulty losing weight despite your sincere efforts, then try our Health Coaching Program which is a service that provides hormonal assessment, personalized diet plan & coaching sessions. This is a cash based program which may be payable using your HSA -click this link here-->>Using HSA. This program may or may not be covered by your insurance, so please call the office to find out the cost/incentives of these programs.The GOAL of the program is assessment, education, and hopefully reversal of some disease states!

Elder Care

I go to assisted living facilities in the area and see patients there. Elder care is an area I am very comfortable with and do recommend that patients to prefill the forms located on the home page.


We give seasonal flu shots, vitamin B12 injections, and antibiotics.

Gynecological Exams

For everyone's protection, I would request that you have a chaperone at the time of any gynecological exam.

Alternative Medicine

I am trained as an Internist in allopathic medicine. I have a special interest in integrated medicine and will be able to advise you on alternative therapies available. I am also an ABIHM Diplomate who was Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine in Feb 2014. As a Holistic medicine trained doctor I may be able to provide you with herbal medication and also advise you on lifestyle changes.

Investigations and Tests

In the interest of time, I will not provide diagnostics in the office. They are conveniently available in the hospital next door, as needed.

There are many ways I can help. I urge you to ask me about any type of exam or services you don't see listed on the website.

Dr. Nisha Chellam

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At the end of each annual visit, please follow the questionnaire as it will help us better cater to your needs.

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